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D talked about South Africa like it was one of his brothers who’d been taught, since birth, to hate himself. Like Harold, his mother’s bastard son, or William, who had sex with the nanny as a child. He told their …



New Madrid_Cover_Summer16-web

One Millimeter, Either Way Published in New Madrid, Summer 2016


“Darion and I are on our way to pick up T.T. from his bitch-ex-wife’s house on the east side of the city. We’re listening to the radio, which has been broadcasting news about Freddie Grey’s family all day, and protests popping off like bottle rockets around the city. Darion and I almost went down to City Hall yesterday, before he warned me we’d have to act like we were just friends, because “this crowd might get angry.” Instead, we went to the bar, drank aperol spritzers, and watched aerial footage of the protests on TV. I wanted to say: You are the one who is angry, because you can’t go down there with a strong black woman, because you’re dating me.”


Prick of the Spindle-800x465

Back Spaces Published in Prick of The Spindle, Sep. 2011


“Chanarong has been catching fish for the woman for almost four years now. Though he has lived in Thailand since he was two and a half, it will never be his home. One day he will go back to the camps to find his mother and sister, or back to Burma to die in the streets like his father. At least in Burma, he will know who he is. At least in Burma, if he is killed by a military bullet, it will be as a Burmese man. In Burma he will be able to find at least one living relative who remembers him.”




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