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Holding KFC Accountable for Rainforest Destruction

Launching International Campaign Against KFC for using Rainforest Fibers in their Throw-Away Packaging:

On Wednesday, May 23rd I, as an activist acting individually to support Greenpeace USA’s campaign to save the Indonesian Rainforest and the Sumatran Tiger, hung a banner of the front pillars of KFC’s International headquarters. There are only 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, and with their home, in the Indonesian Rainforest being deforested at an alarming rate which Greenpeace estimated at “an area of rainforest the size of 6 football pitches every minute” in their 2006 Press Release, “KFC Exposed for Trashing the Amazon Rainforest for Buckets of Chicken.”


Youtube Video — Action At KFC

Bloomberg News Article Article Article

The Telegraph (UK) Article

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